Sporos Platform

Climate-KIC Hub Greece* is partnering up with Sporos Circular Solutions. Sporos Platform aims at becoming the first Impact Investing and Collaboration platform adding value to SMEs in Greece & Southeastern Europe, through Circular Economy.  Sporos utilizes mezzanine sustainable financing tools combined with tailor-made consultancy services and state-of-the-art ESG & SDG metrics, securing future-proof Returns, mitigating Risks, capturing Value & Impact.

A Circular Economy is not only desirable, but inevitable: Sporos Platform is the first Impact Investing and Collaboration Platform in South East Europe, adding value to SMEs through Circular Economy. Sporos Platform has had the honour of having its concept recognised by the European Commission as the only Impact Investing Fund from Greece to be published on the Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform as a ‘best practice’ for its unique contribution towards inclusive & sustainable growth. 

Sporos Team utilizes mezzanine sustainable financing tools combined with tailor-made consultancy services and state-of-the-art ESG & SDG metrics, securing future-proof returns, mitigating risks, and capturing real value and impact. Our strategic goal is to underpin the sustainable recovery of the real economy following the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic by accelerating the Circular Transition of SMEs, boosting climate resilience, long-term growth and job creation.  

The Sporos Team is proud of this achievement and recognises the responsibility that this brings in terms of promoting and raising Greece’s profile among European partners as a Member State that, ten years following the so-called “Greek crisis”, is now at the forefront of the transition towards the new economy and a better future for all of Europe.  


*SDSN Greece is a member of EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece

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