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SDSN Mediterranean Conference & SDSN Greece Launch Press Coverage

Videos & Interviews

Saturday, 9th of September 2017, Εκπομπή Eco News


  • Professor Jeffrey Sachs: 2:37
  • Professor Andreas Papandreou: 6:02
  • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 8:30
  • Minister Socrates Famellos: 17:0117:50


Friday, 8th of September, Κεντρικό Δελτίο Ειδήσεων ΣΚΑΙ 


  • Professor Jeffrey Sachs: 46:49
  • Professor Angelo Riccaboni: 47:28


Thursday, 7th of September 2017, SKAI CENTRAL NEWS


  • Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ interview on the threat of climate change and economic development in Greece


Thursday 7th of September 2017, SKAI ONLINE 


Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and Ms. Katerina Christofilidou on the official launch of SDSN Greece, speak about sustainable development as a global and national target.

  • Mr. George Papandreou: 00:00
  • Ms. Katerina Christofilidou: 00:30

Conference Live Stream (SKAI)

Wednesday, 7th of September 2017, Day 1: Launch of SDSN Greece


  • Welcome Remarks and Keynote Speech, Prof. Andreas Papandreou: 34:20
  • Live link to the Convocation of Rectors of Greek Universities, Presentation of SDSN Greece within the Mediterranean and Global Network:
    • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 1:48:45
    • Professor Jeffrey Sachs: 1:50:55
    • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 2:12:30
    • Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou: 2:17:00
    • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 2:50:27
  • SESSION 1: Sustainable development in times of crisis - Greece as a case study (Panel): 3:26:46
  • SESSION 2: Sustainable allocation of investments - Integrating Natural Capital in the Equation (Panel): 5:57:02
  • SESSION 3: Climate change: mitigation and adaptation policies for the Mediterranean (Panel): 8:16:00


Thursday, 8th of September 2017, Day 2: 3rd Mediterranean Conference


  • Welcome remarks, Keynote Speech and Presentation of National and Regional Mediterranean SDSNs:
    • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 1:05:17
    • Professor Andreas Papandreou: 1:10:26
    • Professor Jeffrey Sachs: 1:18:00
    • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 2:43:45
    • ICRE8 Senior Researchers: 2:54:43
    • Professor Phoebe Koundouri: 4:05:21
    • Professor Jeffrey Sachs: 4:08:29
  • SESSION 4: Water, energy and food nexus - Common regional objectives (Panel): 4:42:50
  • SESSION 5: Sustainable energy in the Mediterranean (Panel): 6:44:00
  • SESSION 6: Sustainable development in the Mediterranean - North Africa, Middle East and Beyond (Panel): 8:12:51
  • SESSION 7: Education advancement of SDGs through teaching and research in the Mediterranean: 10:08:24


Media Coverage (Articles & Interviews)

Νέα ώθηση για την αειφορία από ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΠΑΛΑΙΟΛΟΓΟΣ

Ποντάρετε σε καινοτομία και ενέργεια από ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΠΑΛΑΙΟΛΟΓΟΣ

Τζέφρι Σακς: Η Ελλάδα μπορεί να παράγει την ενέργεια της Ευρώπης από ΑΠΕ (SKAI)

SDSN Greece – ΜED SDSN: Η Βιώσιμη Ανάπτυξη στο επίκεντρο (SKAI)

ΜΕΓΑΛΗ Συνέντευξη Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου: Η Ελλάδα, πλέον, δεν συμμετέχει ενεργά στη διαμόρφωση πολιτικών για την κλιματική αλλαγή (ENERGYPRESS)

3ο Μεσογειακό Συνέδριο του Sustainable Development Solutions Network SDSN αύριο (ENERGYPRESS)


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