EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece* is partnering up with the Research laboratory on Socio-Economic and Environmental Sustainability - ReSEES, which is under Athens University of Economics and Business.

Research laboratory on Socio-Economic and Environmental Sustainability ReSEES founded by Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, does policy relevant interdisciplinary research on environmental, natural resources and energy issues. The overarching goal of ReSEES theoretical and empirical research is to support the understanding and implementation of Sustainable Development. ReSEES has an impressive track record in attracting research funding from European Commission, International Organizations, and Foundations. ReSEES research tools include, among others, financial analysis, socio-economic and econometric analysis, environmental valuation, political and institutional analysis, integrated environmental-economic modeling, life cycle analysis, risk analysis, geographical information systems, game theory, information technology decision-making tools development, and systems innovation approach.

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) was founded in 1920. It is considered one of the most competitive universities, at the European level, in the fields of Economics, Business Administration, Informatics, Statistics, Marketing, Accounting and Finance. Nearly a century after its establishment, AUEB continues to transmit knowledge in the scientific fields it fosters, to promote effective and innovative management practices, and to contribute to the development of the Greek and the international community, with a view towards the balance between excellence and social contribution.

Athens University of Economics and Business: Is the third oldest University in Greece and the oldest in the fields of Economics and Business Administration. Is comprised of eight academic Departments, each of which offers a four year Undergraduate Program with different areas of specialization, a wide range of part and full-time Postgraduate Programs, as well as internationally acclaimed Doctoral Programs. Has a total of 11,000 students, of which 9,000 are undergraduates, 1,700 are enrolled in Master’s programs and 300 are doctoral candidates, all of whom were accepted following demanding examinations and rigorous evaluation of applications. Has a dynamic, 210 member teaching staff which is internationally recognized for its teaching and research contribution, and 50 visiting and adjunct professors. Has 26,000 graduates who are successful in various areas of the Greek economy. Hosts 25 research laboratories, which annually administer an average of 200 funded programs in the areas of Economic Science, Management, Informatics, Statistics, and others. Has one of the largest ratio of Erasmus students with respect to its active student population, in Europe.  Organizes a host of pioneering and socially-responsible activities which reflect the outward-looking orientation and social contribution of the University. These include programs of corporate social responsibility and training for business executives. Is the first public University in Greece that received the distinction of Excellence, according to the internationally accepted EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) Excellence Model. At the same time that AUEB received the European distinction, it also received the corresponding “Ever to Excel” Greek one. According to international rankings and external evaluations, Athens University of Economics and Business is the top institution among Greek Universities and Research Centers and in the top 2% of European Union Institutions in the field of Economics.


*SDSN Greece is a member of EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece

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