Paraskevi Karra

My name is Paraskevi Karra and I am 21 years old. Ι was born in Athens but I am coming from a small village, situated in the north of Greece, close to the city of Ioannina. I am on my 4th year of studies of Law school at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens .I had my previous semester in Paris, as an Erasmus student, in the University of Cergy – Pontoise. One thing that could describe me is dancing. I am doing ballet since I was 4 years old, but up until now I have tried other dances as well. Currently, I am living in Athens, but I love travelling. I always try to combine education with visiting new places and meeting new people. Recently I participated in a European project, known as “Camp Democracy”, which is still in progress. It was launched by four non-governmental organizations from Greece, Germany, Romania and Sweden and supported by Erasmus+. The aim of this project is to consider the European threats and raise the public awareness on them. It was right after I had returned from the 1st meeting of this project, when I was informed about the SDSN YOUTH. I found it great opportunity to get involved not only in the European affairs but also with the international ones, like the raise of awareness, concerning the SDG’s. Also SDSN GREECE YOUTH is my 1st volunteer project and that is a reason, which motivates me more in offering an efficient and active participation to our team.

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