Celebrating the Environment 2021: Reimagine, Recreate, Restore

An ACG 150 event organized on the occasion of the
World Environment Day 2021

Organized by
Environmental Studies Program, Department of Science and Mathematics, Deree-ACG
ACG Center of Excellence in Sustainability, Office of Public Affairs

In collaboration with
Environmental Studies Society, Deree-ACG
ACG Sustainability Leaders

When: June 7-8, 2021  | 17:00-18:30 (Greece)

Where: Online event free and open to the public

On the occasion of the World Environment Day 2021, the current event is aimed at celebrating the environment, the planet and its offerings to humankind and species. It is an event about an environmentally sound vision for the future, as well as ideas and efforts to address environmental concerns through coordinated multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches towards environmental restoration. The event stresses the environmental education, initiatives and youth involvement at ACG.


Learn more & Register: https://www.acg.edu/events/celebrating-the-environment-2021-reimagine-recreate-restore/

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