Agricultural Transformation Pathways Initiative 2016 Report

This report describes the work of the Agricultural Transformation Pathways initiative, or ATPi, including the methodology of the project and national pathways for Uruguay, China, and the United Kingdom.

The global agriculture and food system in its current form is unsustainable across all three pillars of sustainable development. Major shifts at all scales – international, national and sub-national – and in all sectors, from food production to consumption, are essential to improve the situation and achieve the SDGs related to poverty, food and nutrition security, health, rural development and the environment.

Most countries lack clear pathways for making ambitious transformative changes in their agriculture and food systems to ensure they become environmentally, economically and socially more sustainable. The ATPi has developed an internationally-coordinated approach and toolkit based on backcasting and other modeling techniques as well as institutional and policy analysis methods, including practical application in selected countries, with results summarized in this publication.

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